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Stay Or­ga­nized with Chan­nels

Re­fer­ring to Slack as a work chat plat­form feels like an in­jus­tice. It's so much more than that! One fea­ture that sets Slack apart is its Chan­nels fea­ture, which helps you avoid te­dious email chains and ex­tra meet­ings. Chan­nels al­low you to com­mu­ni­cate with your team by depart­ment or project, in­stead of by di­rect mes­sage only. To set up a chan­nel on your iPhone, tap the plus icon in the up­per right cor­ner of the chan­nel list. Tap Cre­ate and en­ter in a name and pur­pose for your chan­nel. If you make your chan­nel pub­lic, any­one in the com­pany can join; if you set it to pri­vate, you can in­vite peo­ple by tap­ping the name of the chan­nel, then Mem­bers, then In­vite.

Get An­swers with a Poll

Have you ended up on the party plan­ning com­mit­tee against your will? Slack makes it eas­ier to serve your time. Try­ing to de­cide what kind of pizza to get for the next of­fice lun­cheon? Save a lot of un­nec­es­sary de­bate by creat­ing a quick poll in Slack. It's shock­ingly easy and is sure to im­press your co­work­ers. Just type /poll, fol­lowed by a ques­tion and mul­ti­ple-choice an­swers sep­a­rated with quotes. To re­spond to the poll on your iOS de­vice, just tap the num­ber that cor­re­sponds to your an­swer of choice.

For Comic Re­lief, Send a GIF

Slack isn't all busi­ness—it's a vir­tual wa­ter­cooler where you can bond with co­work­ers and build of­fice cul­ture. While we like to do things like set goofy profile pics and play pranks us­ing Slack­bot, one of the eas­i­est ways to have fun with Slack is to send GIFs. To send GIFs, first in­stall Gi­phy in the Slack App Di­rec­tory on Slack's web­site. Once that's done, you can open a chan­nel or di­rect mes­sage and type /gi­phy fol­lowed by a de­scrip­tive word. Let Gi­phy take it from there! If all the GIFs in a chan­nel are get­ting dis­tract­ing, just type /col­lapse in the chan­nel in ques­tion, and the images will be hidden from view.

Re­act to a Mes­sage

Some Slack mes­sages don't re­quire a response. Yet you don't want to leave it hang­ing there lonely, do you? You can give the mes­sage some love with min­i­mal ef­fort by re­act­ing to it. At our of­fice, we use this fea­ture to ac­knowl­edge we've seen mes­sages like “Bring­ing my dog in af­ter lunch,” or “Head­ing out for a hair­cut, be back in an hour,” usu­ally with a thumbs up or a heart. To do this on your iPhone or iPad, press and hold the mes­sage, tap Add Re­ac­tion, then choose the emoji you'd like to pin to the mes­sage.

Stay Sane with Do Not Dis­turb

With Slack on your phone, it's easy for work to fol­low you home at the end of the day. Don't let Slack get in the way of your couch time—set up a Do Not Dis­turb sched­ule. To do this, tap the menu op­tion in the up­per right cor­ner of a mes­sage thread and go to Set­tings > Do Not Dis­turb. From there, you can set a sched­ule to match your work hours, so no­ti­fi­ca­tions will be snoozed at night un­til work be­gins the next day. And fi­nally, if you're OOO dur­ing work hours for lunch or an ap­point­ment, just type /DND in any chan­nel or mes­sage thread to man­u­ally begin or end a Do Not Dis­turb ses­sion.

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