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($39.99–$49.99, BRINK­ If you're con­cerned about cell­phone ra­di­a­tion, you'll find no bet­ter case than alara, a prod­uct de­signed to pro­tect both you and your phone. Did you know that your head and body can ab­sorb up to 50 per­cent of the ra­di­a­tion from your cell­phone dur­ing nor­mal use? By redi­rect­ing ra­di­a­tion away from you, this patented tech­nol­ogy re­duces your ex­po­sure by up to 67 per­cent while main­tain­ing your phone's sig­nal. In fact, it's the only case on the mar­ket that re­duces your ex­po­sure while re­tain­ing sig­nal. Just snap it onto your phone, and it works au­to­mat­i­cally.

The alara case ex­ceeds US mil­i­tary stan­dards and is drop proof up to 6 feet, pro­vid­ing max­i­mum pro­tec­tion. The case de­sign also pro­vides ac­cess to all of your iPhone's ports and func­tions, so it's pro­tec­tive with­out be­ing ob­struc­tive.

The min­i­mal­ist de­sign of alara is per­fect for ev­ery­day life. Your pur­chase comes with a 60-day money-back guar­an­tee, but we're con­fi­dent you won't need it as the alara un­der­goes rig­or­ous lab test­ing to en­sure it's work­ing op­ti­mally for you. It's avail­able for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max; get yours to­day.

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