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Pet­net Smart Feeder ($179) Most of us over­es­ti­mate how much our an­i­mals should eat; at last count, 56 per­cent of dogs and 60 per­cent of cats in the United States were obese. Pet­net's SmartFeeder solves this prob­lem by al­low­ing you to dis­pense meals via the mo­bile app, which no­ti­fies you when you're run­ning low on kib­ble. Thanks to this prod­uct, our man­ag­ing editor Rheanne can put her cats on a healthy feed­ing sched­ule when she's trav­el­ing and save money on cat food to boot! Whis­tle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Ac­tiv­ity Mon­i­tor ($79.95 plus sub­scrip­tion)

A dog or cat owner's worst night­mare is los­ing their pet, and while mi­crochip­ping your an­i­mal is al­ways a good idea, sub­cu­ta­neous chips don't (yet) of­fer track­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties to help you find your wan­der­ing friends. This de­vice solves that prob­lem. The Whis­tle uses AT&T's cel­lu­lar net­work and GPS to mon­i­tor your pet's lo­ca­tion and speed if they stray out of Wi-Fi range—as far as 3,000 miles away! And the Whis­tle iPhone app's map makes it pos­si­ble to track your pet's ac­tiv­ity. This de­vice is tough too: our test units have sur­vived dogs rolling in dirt and grass, splash­ing in mud pud­dles, and even be­ing sub­merged in a pond.

GoBone In­ter­ac­tive Smart Bone ($199) We are def­i­nitely dog peo­ple at iPhone Life; in fact, we even bring our pups to work! But for days when our dogs stay home, there's GoBone. This pet toy has an Auto Play mode that lasts for up to eight hours, can be pro­grammed on a sched­ule, and al­lows you re­mote con­trol via your iPhone! It rolls, turns, and spins to en­ter­tain dogs; the play be­hav­ior is based on the age, weight, and breed of your dog. As play pro­gresses, the smart toy ad­justs its mo­tions and pace to keep in­ter­est and en­gage­ment high. This is great for sav­ing our dogs from bore­dom and putting on the ex­tra pounds that can pile on from loung­ing on the couch.

Sure Pet­care Mi­crochip Pet Door Con­nect with Hub ($256) Have you con­sid­ered in­stalling a pet door but wor­ried about let­ting neigh­bor­hood cats or a kitchen-raid­ing rac­coon in to your house? This pet door is here to help, al­low­ing your pets, and only your pets, to come in and out as they please. The door works by scan­ning your dog or cat's mi­crochip (or RFID pet tag) and al­low­ing ac­cess only to known codes. We love that up to 32 dogs and cats can use the pet door and that you can keep some an­i­mals in­side while oth­ers are al­lowed out. You can lock the door man­u­ally or set the timer con­trol on a sched­ule. With the hub in­cluded in this bun­dle, you can link the pet door to the in­ter­net and con­trol the door's set­tings from your iPhone. We've used it to make sure cats had gone out­side while the pet sit­ter was away, as well as to re­motely lock the door when a sur­prise thun­der­storm rolled in to stop the dogs from get­ting soaked and shak­ing off in­side. The only down­side of this pet door is that there isn't a ver­sion for large dogs yet.

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