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con­fi­dence just dropped.” Dur­ing that time, Dove says her weight was con­stantly on her mind. “I don’t know that I was ever in a dan­ger­ous health sit­u­a­tion with my weight, but I was def­i­nitely think­ing about it way too much,” she ad­mits. “It even got to a point where if I didn’t work out for a day, I’d start to think that I’d done some­thing wrong.”

“I felt like I needed to be 100 pounds!”

With thoughts like that rac­ing through her mind on a daily ba­sis, Dove’s fo­cus on her weight quickly turned into an ob­ses­sion. “It’s crazy be­cause you don’t re­al­ize how bad it’s got­ten un­til you’re cry­ing to your mother and she’s ask­ing you what’s wrong and you’re telling her, ‘I feel like I have to be 100 pounds for ev­ery­one to love me,’” she re­calls. “You don’t no­tice you’re in that place un­til it sneaks up on you.” She con­tin­ues, “It’s like you al­ways think to your­self, I’m never gonna be that per­son who cares about what I look like or what peo­ple think about what I look like. Then, all the sud­den you are — and you’re like, What path did I take to end up here?”

“Re­mem­ber that you’re beau­ti­ful!”

Look­ing back, Dove can’t believe things got that far. “I don’t even know how it hap­pened to me,” she tells J-14. Thank­fully, sup­port from her friends and fam­ily helped Dove start to feel se­cure in her skin again. “I find a lot of so­lace in talk­ing to girls who have strug­gled with the same thing I did,” she opens up. “I’ve def­i­nitely healed a lot and I’m work­ing on build­ing up my con­fi­dence ev­ery day.” By shar­ing her story, Dove hopes to in­spire oth­ers as well. “I just want girls ev­ery­where to know that no mat­ter what weight they are, they’re beau­ti­ful,” she ex­plains. “I know some­times it’s hard to love your­self and your body, but it’s so im­por­tant to do so. Just re­mem­ber that you don’t need to change your ap­pear­ance for any­one!” “I think jour­nal­ing can help lift your con­fi­dence if you start writ­ing down things in it that you like about your­self,” Dove shares. “Read­ing back those nice things you wrote will boost your self-es­teem

— trust me!” Dove doesn’t ex­er­cise just to drop weight. In­stead, she does it for more en­ergy. “It makes me feel em­pow­ered now!” she ex­plains. Try to jog ev­ery week! Through all of her strug­gles, Dove’s learned an easy way to feel bet­ter. “You have to be your big­gest cheer­leader,” she says. “Even if you’re not feel­ing the best, look at your re­flec­tion and give your­self a com­pli­ment — it helps!”

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