Cree’s Food Allergy Bummer: “I Had To Sit At A Different Lunch Table!”


The Game Shakers star opens up about how she overcame her allergy struggle!

You may know someone with food allergies. Maybe you’ve noticed they’re careful about what they eat, and sometimes they have to pass on yummy foods. That’s something Game Shakers star Cree Cicchino can definitely relate to. “I’ve had food allergies since I was born,” she tells us. “I was allergic to soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard and shellfish.” Eating these things could cause Cree to break out in hives or go into life-threatenin­g anaphylact­ic shock (which would make it hard for her to breathe), so she’s very careful. Growing up, it was really difficult for her to deal with.

“I felt left out!”

In school, Cree had to sit at a special table because of her allergies. Even though it was for her own safety, it was upsetting that she couldn’t sit at a regular lunch table with all of her friends. “I would get angry,” she confides to J-14. “I felt different than everybody else.” The actress wondered what they were all talking about without her as she watched them gobble up foods she couldn’t eat. “People would bring in cupcakes for their birthdays, and I couldn’t have one,” she remembers. It was a rough time, but Cree had one person to help her get through it: her sister.

“I leaned on my sis!”

The Nickelodeo­n star has a twin sister Jayce who was born with the same food allergies. “We sat together at the allergy table,” Cree says. “Having her by my side helped me. We supported each other.” And they still do today. In the last few years, Cree has gotten over her allergies to dairy and eggs, but Jayce hasn’t. “I promised her I wouldn’t eat pizza until we both could, so I’m waiting for her,” Cree explains to us. Cree hopes everyone with allergies realize they aren’t alone. “There are lots of people going through what you’re going through,” she advises. “Don’t be scared to talk and ask questions!”

 ??  ?? “My sister is one of my best friends,” Cree opens up about Jayce.
“My sister is one of my best friends,” Cree opens up about Jayce.

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