Kylie’s In­ner Strug­gle: “I Don’t Even Know Who Kylie Jen­ner Is!”

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You may think you know her, but J-14 re­veals a side of Kylie

you’ve never seen be­fore!

From the out­side look­ing in, it may seem like Kylie Jen­ner has it all: She at­tends glam­orous red car­pet events, has a killer wardrobe, a makeup em­pire and the list goes on. The 19-year-old re­al­ity T.V. star lives a life most of us only dream about, so Kylie’s re­cent emo­tional con­fes­sion may come as a sur­prise to you: That girl with the flaw­less makeup and per­fect pout on In­sta­gram is noth­ing but an il­lu­sion. “Kylie Jen­ner is who you see on In­sta­gram, but I am not Kylie Jen­ner,” she opens up. “I don’t know who Kylie Jen­ner is.”

“I don’t like show­ing my per­son­al­ity”

Could it be — is Kylie hid­ing who she re­ally is from her fans? Not quite. “I show peo­ple what I think they want to see,” she says. “It’s a pro­jected im­age, a brand. I’m not a dif­fer­ent per­son. I just don’t show all of me.” That may sound fa­mil­iar. Think about it: You prob­a­bly have a friend or two who are con­stantly try­ing to fit in

with those around them, pick­ing up new in­ter­ests and styles to fit in. It’s easy to for­get that Kylie is a teen just like every­one else — and she’s afraid of what other peo­ple think of her. “I don’t show my per­son­al­ity a lot be­cause when I do, I get vul­ner­a­ble and peo­ple make fun of me,” she con­fides. Kylie’s heart­break­ing con­fes­sion re­minds us that even though she’s has tons of fol­low­ers on so­cial me­dia, that doesn’t mean that they’re all sup­port­ive. With bul­lies call­ing her out, it’s no won­der Kylie isn’t com­fort­able show­ing us the real per­son she is.

“I just want to be nor­mal”

One thing Kylie is very up-front about her de­sire to be a reg­u­lar teen — just like you. “I’m over not be­ing able to go out and be nor­mal,” she ad­mits. “Some­times I just want to be a kid. I just can’t re­mem­ber what it’s like to go out and have no­body know who I am.” In­deed, it must be rough al­ways need­ing to look your best when you run to Star­bucks or not be­ing able to hit up the mall with your friends with­out caus­ing a com­mo­tion.

While there may be lots of perks to be­ing fa­mous, the real Kylie knows fame won’t make her truly happy. “I can’t re­mem­ber what it’s like not to be fa­mous, so I’m able to ap­pre­ci­ate what true hap­pi­ness is all about,” she ex­plains. “A new car, that’s not real hap­pi­ness — that lasts a month.” She knows that life is about the sim­ple things, as well as be­ing sur­rounded by peo­ple that lift her up.

For Kylie, those peo­ple are her clos­est friends and her fa­mous fam­ily, who likely un­der­stand what she’s go­ing through bet­ter than any­one. “If I didn’t have my fam­ily in my life, and I was go­ing through all of this my­self, I don’t know what I would do,” she opens up. Hav­ing them around al­lows her to learn and grow into the per­son she wants to be — with­out be­ing judged.

“The real Kylie Jen­ner is sen­si­tive”

Un­der­neath the fame and for­tune, Kylie seems a lot more re­lat­able. Although the pres­sures she deals with are dif­fer­ent than yours, she feels them all the same. None of us are per­fect, but it’s re­fresh­ing to hear a celeb like Kylie ad­mit she isn’t ei­ther. “Peo­ple want to see me have a cool hair color and dress a cer­tain way and have pretty makeup on and heels — that’s al­ways been me, but it’s also ex­haust­ing for ev­ery­day life,” she ad­mits. Even though it’s hard, Kylie’s work­ing on let­ting her fans in and show­ing off her true per­son­al­ity. “The real Kylie Jen­ner is sen­si­tive, weird, and I love re­ally hard,” she smiles. Now, that sounds like some­one we’d like to get to know!

“When you open your­self up, there’s more room for peo­ple to say things about you,” Kylie ad­mits. Pucker up!

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