Score The Per­fect Braid In 3 Steps!

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Now you can rock Bizaard­vark’s Paige’s sig­na­ture look any­time!

Make a small braid

To start, Bizaard­vark hair­styl­ists San­dra Munk and Les­ley

Pol­ing say to part hair slightly off cen­ter. Take a small sec­tion of hair on the heav­ier side of the part and make a long tra­di­tional braid. Once done, se­cure end of braid with of the hair over to the tiny elas­tic band. Brush the rest

braid is hang­ing down, side where the small tra­di­tional

it in a side pony­tail. po­si­tion­ing it as if you were putting

Com­bine two braids

Split hair into two sec­tions hold­ing the right sec­tion in right hand, the left sec­tion in left hand (in­clud­ing the small braid you al­ready did). Take a small piece from the out­side of the right sec­tion, add it to the in­side sec­tion from the left of the other sec­tion. Take a small

keep­ing the hair tight. side, and add to the right sec­tion

Braid down all the way

Con­tinue this process un­til braid reaches de­sired length, se­cur­ing end with small elas­tic. Once braid is se­curely fas­tened, you can leave it nice and tight like Olivia’s or loosen it. To do this, gen­tly pull on the bot­tom, work­ing braid from both sides, start­ing at

a fuller fish­tail braid. your way up the braid to achieve

“I love that I get to wear a braid all day long!” Olivia tells J-14.Olivia Ro­drigo

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