I re­ally wish I had a sis­ter!

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I have three brothers and I re­ally just wish I had a sis­ter. I’m not a tomboy and I feel like I don’t have a sib­ling to re­late to. When­ever we go out, they hang to­gether and I feel left out. Not to men­tion, they never in­vite me to be a part of the fun stuff they do to­gether. Help! — Kelly Anne, 12


Natasha: Kelly Anne, let me just tell you, I re­late to you so much. I have two younger brothers who are close in age to me and I would al­ways feel left out be­cause they did not want a girl, es­pe­cially their sis­ter, to be a part of their plans. Don’t feel dis­cour­aged. There are al­ways gonna be perks to not hav­ing a sis­ter, and there will al­ways be down sides. En­joy your brothers and just try to make an ef­fort to be a part of what­ever they do! You can al­ways hang out with your mom, too — that’s what I end up do­ing most of the time. ;)

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