My body is chang­ing … fast!

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Four months ago, I sud­denly gained a lot of weight and I didn’t even re­al­ize it un­til my mean friend pointed it out. I started work­ing on my body, but for some rea­son, I’m not los­ing any weight. In fact, I feel like I’m gain­ing! It has got­ten to a point that all my clothes are not fit­ting me. Is this nor­mal? What should I do? — Gabriella, 13


Natasha: When ev­ery girl hits a cer­tain age, our bod­ies start to change and some­times, it just hits us in the wrong ar­eas. I re­mem­ber that I gained some weight when my body started chang­ing and it dis­cour­aged me a ton. I didn’t feel like my­self but I had to re­mind my­self that

I am beau­ti­ful and every­one changes at some point. What I did to try to get my­self back to nor­mal, was stick to a su­per healthy life­style. I ate re­ally healthy, worked out, had a great sleep sched­ule and took care of my body. Every­one’s body is ob­vi­ously go­ing to be dif­fer­ent, but if you stick to that, your body will be the best that your body can be!

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