My crush is act­ing weird and IDK why!

J-14 - - All About You -

Q My crush has been act­ing re­ally strange around me. He hides when he sees me and sends mixed sig­nals. Peo­ple say he likes me, but I’m not sure. I want to tell him how I feel about him, but I’m scared I’ll get re­jected. What should I do? — Au­gust, 14

Hi, Au­gust! It seems like your crush is ner­vous to tell you his feel­ings, just like you are ner­vous to tell him yours! There’s no way to re­ally know where his head is at un­til you ask him. On a day you’re feel­ing con­fi­dent, pull him aside and tell him how you feel. You can ad­mit you have a crush, or just point out that you’ve no­tice a change he the way he acts around you. Tell him that he can be hon­est with you and he doesn’t have to worry about you get­ting up­set or weird. No mat­ter his re­sponse, at least you’ll have clar­ity. Good luck!

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