My mom talks like a teenager!

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Q : My mom al­ways tries to use teen slang like “bae” and “stan,” and it’s so em­bar­rass­ing! Even worse, she usu­ally uses the words wrong. I think she wants to look cool in front of my friends, but she just makes ev­ery con­ver­sa­tion awk­ward! How can I get her to stop? — Briella, 15

A: Hey, Briella. Par­ents + slang = ma­jor cringe, but try to cut your mom some slack. She just wants to stay con­nected to you and your friends! The truth is, you’re at an age where you’ll slowly be­gin to do more and more things in­de­pen­dent of your mom and she knows that. Her slang talk prob­a­bly has more to do with her want­ing to keep your bond strong than try­ing to em­bar­rass you. We have a feel­ing that if you kindly ex­plain to her that she’s cool enough with­out try­ing to use teen slang, she’ll start to cut it out of her vo­cab­u­lary!

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