I’m scared to babysit!

J-14 - - All About You -

Q : I’ve been think­ing about babysit­ting, but I’m scared to start. I watch my broth­ers, but I know it’ll be dif­fer­ent with kids I’m not re­lated to! How do I know if I’m ready? — Kait, 14

A: You’re on the right track, Kait! You’ve got great ex­pe­ri­ence and un­der­stand that babysit­ting re­quires a lot of work, fo­cus and par­ents’ trust. Watch­ing your broth­ers has prob­a­bly pre­pared you more than you re­al­ize! You have skills from spend­ing time with them. Try babysit­ting your neigh­bors’ kids for short pe­ri­ods of time, then build up to longer hours as you be­come more com­fort­able with your new gig. You’ve got this!

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