J-14 - - Fun - — Alisan­dra, MD

Last Thanks­giv­ing, I was feel­ing re­ally sick, so my mom gave me some ex­tra-strength medicine to help me feel bet­ter for the day. When din­ner was ready, my fam­ily gath­ered around the ta­ble. Be­fore we eat, we al­ways go around the ta­ble and say what we’re each thank­ful for. Un­for­tu­nately, I started to feel the ef­fects of my medicine kick in be­fore it was my turn to speak. There were still a lot of peo­ple left to talk, so I fig­ured it was fine to rest my eyes un­til it was my turn. Guess the medicine re­ally was ex­trastrength, be­cause next thing I knew, my head dropped into the mashed potato bowl. That year I was thank­ful for pa­per tow­els, warm show­ers and my comfy bed!

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