Ran­dom Fun

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1 “Does wa­ter taste like noth­ing or does noth­ing taste like wa­ter?” 2 “If you glow up in the past tense did you ‘glowed up’ or did you ‘glew up’? Ask­ing for a friend.” 3 “I wish my horo­scope was a friend I could text. Like ‘Yo what’s the move tonight? Is this a vibe or nah?’” 4 “I’m eat­ing the best chicken sand­wich and it’s so good I want to eat it fast, but I don’t want it to be gone. So, I’m tryna eat it slow. Help.”

Halsey Ed­win Honoret Michael Clif­fordOn RiverdaleArchie and the gang solve mys­ter­ies in their town.SPOT THE DIF­FER­ENCE

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