Happy Birthday, Shawn!




How could we start this list without mentioning the first thing that hooked us about Shawn? His voice gets better and better with each album!

2 He always gives back!

Shawn has donated to wildfire relief efforts in Australia, given out gift cards to hospital workers fighting COVID-19 and supported the Make-AWish Foundation, to name a few!

3 His Q&As!

We love how Shawn doesn’t hold back during his backstage question and answer sessions. He lets the Mendes Army see the real him.

4 His relationsh­ip with his sister!

Shawn in big brother mode? Yes, please! “We have a really awesome connection,” he spills. “I always want to hang out with her.” So cute!

5 He is the biggest stan!

John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Khalid — Shawn goes hard for the artists he loves. Plus, who could forget that video of him dancing at the Harry Styles concert?

6 His sense of style!

Shawn’s style has come a long way from those plaid shirt days. It’s great to see him experiment with his clothes and accessorie­s!

He's open about his anxiety!

“Talking about the problem was one of the scariest but most important things I’ve ever done,” Shawn admits. In doing so, he inspired his fans to be open about their own struggles!

He's a humble king!

“I have a million reasons to be humble and I think the first one is that’s the only way to be,” he says.

His lyrics!

Shawn writes lyrics that are so real an relatable. The lyrics in “Youth” are some of our

personal favorites!

His hair!

Long, short, curly, with a headband, gelled back, that tiny curl falling to the front — we truly love it all!

His energy on stage!

The second the lights go down, Shawn gives 100% to the audience and there’s no feeling like it!

His sense of humor!

Shawn’s humor is a little quirky … and we’re here for it! “It seems to confuse people a lot,” he laughs.

He's a great role model!

Shawn takes his role model status very seriously. “I like being able to be a role model for people, especially younger kids,” he says.

He's so Canadian!

Shawn admits that he has a hard time being rude to people, thanks to his Canadian roots!

His Friendship with Niall!

We can never get enough of Shawn and Niall talking about each other. BTW, we’re still waiting for that duet, boys!

His dedication to the climate change movement!

With his Shawn Mendes Foundation, Shawn is working important causes he’s passionate about, like climate change. “Our generation has the power to change the future of our planet,” he says.

His tattoos!

Who could even pick a favorite? We love that each of Shawn’s tattoos has a special story.

His Harry Potter obsession!

Yer a wizard, Shawn! From the very start, Shawn has always talked about how much he loves The Boy Who Lived.

His clumsiness!

So many videos of Shawn falling on stage, so little time.

His relationsh­ip with Camila!

Whether he’s singing with her or talking about how much he loves her, Shawn always treats Camila like a queen! “She’s my favorite person in the whole world,” he says.

His Vines

Shawn never forgets where he came from — and neither do we. Those six-second videos are still so good!

The way he loves his fans!

There are few celebs who make it a rule to stop and take a photo with every single fan, but Shawn does! “If I don’t have the time for them, I don’t know who I have the time for,” he shares.

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