Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler have always been tight. But, as they’ve gotten older, Kenzie has learned that being the younger sister has some disadvanta­ges — especially on social media. “Every time I post a video with Maddie [on TikTok], everyone compares us in the comments,” Kenzie says. “Yes, Maddie is a great dancer and she is better than me, [but] I’m kind of sick of being compared to her. I’ve been compared to her my whole life.” Constantly reading that she’s not as good of a dancer as her sister has taken a toll on Kenzie and she’s ready for it all to stop. “If we could just leave positive comments under TikToks like that, because remember, people have feelings too and I have feelings as well,” she says. Plus, as she points out, TikTok is a platform meant for having a good time, not promoting negativity. “I make these for fun, these are not serious TikToks,” she explains. “We are just learning dances and having fun. So if we could all just be positive and be nice.” This doesn’t mean she has beef with her sister or that she’s angry at her followers, she’s just looking for a little more kindness. “I know this is a really stupid thing to address, but I feel like it needed to be said,” she admits.


 ??  ?? “Stop comparing everyone to one another,” Kenzie
“Stop comparing everyone to one another,” Kenzie urges.
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