We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to hit the beach with Breanna Yde and her castmates in Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave. See what she’s telling us about the movie and her lifeguard skills, below!

J-14: How’s this film different from the show?

BY: In the movie, Gina and Team USA are battling for the top spot as junior lifeguards worldwide in the Beachmaste­r competitio­n and trying to work through mishap after mishap.

J-14: Did you have to take any lifeguard courses to prepare?

BY: We actually didn’t have to do any lifeguard training, but I took it upon myself to do some back in Australia … and by training I really just mean swimming, LOL.

J-14: If you could put your swimming to the test, who’s a celeb you’d like to rescue in the ocean?

BY: If I were a lifeguard in real life, I’d want to rescue Arnold Schwarzene­gger just so I’d be able to say I did.

 ??  ?? Breanna’s movie is out on Netflix this summer!
Breanna’s movie is out on Netflix this summer!

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