Makeup The Addison Way!

Let’s be real: easons to wear a full bea esn t mean you can’t still have fun with ma howing you how to achieve six of Addison Rae’s prettiest beauty looks, using products you already have at home!


Wash of color

See how Addison’s eyeshadow, blush and lipstick are all the same color? You can do this same monochrome look with one product! Just grab a matte eyeshadow in a similar warm-neutral shade. Brush it over your eyelids, then use a blush brush to apply it to your cheeks. Finally, use your finger to apply some to the center of your lips, then use a gloss over top to spread it out! You can also try this look out with bolder colors you have,

like a hot pink!

(Faux) sun-kissed

You don't need to live in sunny California to get that sun-kissed glow! All you need is the right blush applicatio­n technique. Using a peach or pink blush, sweep blush in an upward motion, starting at the apple of your cheek and ending near the outer corner of your eye. Focus the majority of the product on the top of your cheek. Then, brush the blush across your nose, connecting the blush to look similar to a “W” shape. If you have any harsh lines, use a beauty sponge to gently blur them!

Artistic glam

You’re probably wondering when is the right time to wear a multi-colored graphic eye look. But, honestly, when isn’t it the right time to wear a multi-colored graphic eye look?! Addison is a big fan of experiment­ing with these types of designs and they’re not as hard as they look! Pick two different eyeliners. Create a small wing with the first color. Then, use the second color to create a line that outlines the crease of your eyelid. Go back to color one and make a line above the second line that starts at your inner corner and ends at and the middle of your eye. Finish off by adding five dots in your second color!

Everyday A dd iso n

Addison's most-warn look is minimal makeup that lets her eyelashes be the star of the show. You don’t need a special mascara to get her signature long lashes! Just apply your favorite mascara. While it’s still wet, use a small eyeshadow or highlighte­r brush to apply a thin coat of translucen­t powder to your lashes. Then, gently apply a second coat of mascara. To get Addison’s exact look,

apply black liner to your bottom lash line only!

Glossy eyes

To give any eyeshadow an instant high-fashion spin, all you need is a little gloss! Apply your shadow and liner your favorite way, then grab a bit of Vaseline on the tip of your ring finger. Dab the Vaseline onto the center of your lids,

then pat it down evenly across the lid!

Modern wing

You can get this look with any eyeliner you have

— pencil, gel, liquid or even powder! Start by creating your usual winged line. Then, starting from the edge of that flick, make a half-circle that ends at the inner corner of your eye. The key here is to go in confidentl­y. Move quickly and don’t

second-guess yourself as you’re applying!

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