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Great Mag­a­zine! The Nena Knows Jeeps col­umn about the JL (Aug. ’18) was very in­for­ma­tive. It has left me with a cou­ple ques­tions though.

1: Is the Mopar 2-inch lift a lev­el­ing kit, or a com­plete lift kit?

2: Do you plan on adding lower axle gear­ing to the Jeeps you add the 35- and 37-inch tires to?

Keep up the good work!

Steven R. High­land, CA

Nena replies:

Thanks for the kind words! The an­swers to your ques­tions are:

1. The Mopar ( 2-inch lift is a com­plete kit, in­clud­ing springs, sway bar links, Fox (ride­ shocks, and front lower con­trol arms. Note that we have in­cor­po­rated a cor­rected spring re­tainer into this lift kit, as we ex­pe­ri­enced spring bow­ing that caused coil con­tact with the bump­stop. This cor­rected front spring re­tainer for JL is avail­able from Mopar, as well as Daystar (daystar­

2. We do not regear the JL with 35-inch tires, but we do use the Mopar Ve­hi­cle Pro­tec­tion (MVP) Cus­tom Cal­i­bra­tion con­tract to ac­cu­rately re­pro­gram for tire size. That pro­gram also al­lows you to re­pro­gram for regear­ing. We will likely use the AEV (aev-con­ver­ ProCal for all of this when they be­come avail­able for JL. The Mopar Cus­tom Cal­i­bra­tion is pro­vided only by a ser­vice tech, and only over a pe­riod of two months. On our JL Ru­bi­con mod­els with 37-inch tires (we only have Ru­bi­con

JLs at this time), I have found the dif­fer­ence no­tice­able enough to de­sire regear­ing. I per­son­ally would pre­fer to regear to a 4.56:1 axle ra­tio, since the trans­mis­sion seems to hunt a lit­tle more on hills with the fac­tory 4.10 gears. Also, with the ex­tra weight of 37-inch tires and the larger cir­cum­fer­ence, it does di­min­ish some of that great JL pep on the high­way, and the Jeep doesn’t crawl quite as well as I would like in the big rocks. Happy trails.

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