Fin­ish­ing In­struc­tions

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Twisted- Cord­ing In­struc­tions


• Em­broi­dery floss, pearl cot­ton or other fiber to com­ple­ment stitch­ery. Note: To de­ter­mine amount needed, see step 1. Re­fer to or­na­ment color code for spe­cific color and fiber used. • Mini cord­ing drill

Note: Cord­ing can be made by one per­son; how­ever, the pro­ce­dure can be awk­ward at times, es­pe­cially when deal­ing with long lengths of floss— an ex­tra set of hands is al­ways help­ful.

1. To de­ter­mine the amount of floss needed, mul­ti­ply by three the de­sired length of the cord­ing, mak­ing sure to in­clude any length needed for hang­ers when fin­ish­ing or­na­ments. Place all lengths of floss to­gether, and tie a knot in each end.

2. Slip one knot­ted end of floss onto hook of cord­ing drill. Slip other knot­ted end over a small knob. Pull drill so that floss is taut. Op­er­ate drill in a for­ward di­rec­tion. Floss will be­gin to twist. Con­tinue twist­ing un­til floss is very tightly twisted and is about to twist up on it­self.

3. Care­fully re­move knot­ted end from drill hook, be­ing ex­tremely care­ful not to let go of end and keep­ing twisted floss taut. Place hook of cord­ing drill in cen­ter of length of twisted floss, and place knot­ted end on knob, still keep­ing floss taut. Op­er­ate drill in a re­verse di­rec­tion un­til de­sired twist for cord­ing is achieved. Re­move drill. Re­move ends from knob, and se­cure with another knot. Pil­low With Pip­ing Fin­ish­ing In­struc­tions


• Co­or­di­nated fab­ric for back­ing • 1/2"-wide bias tape maxi pip­ing • Pil­low form or polyester fiber­fill

1. Press stitched piece from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble. Cen­ter­ing stitched de­sign area, trim stitched piece to de­sired size. Pin pip­ing to the front of stitched piece, align­ing edges on all sides. Trim pip­ing as needed.

2. Pin back­ing fab­ric to stitched piece right sides to­gether. Sew to­gether, stitch­ing as close to pip­ing as pos­si­ble and leav­ing 4" open­ing for turn­ing and stuff­ing.

3. Turn pil­low right side out and press seams. Stuff pil­low with fiber­fill or pil­low form. Us­ing a hand-sew­ing nee­dle and thread, blind-stitch open­ing closed. Flat-Or­na­ment Fin­ish­ing In­struc­tions


• Padded mount­ing board • Fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil • Straight pins • Sew­ing ma­chine (op­tional)

1. Mea­sure de­sired dis­tance (1/8"–1") from stitch­ing on all sides and draw a line this dis­tance from edge of de­sign all around, stay­ing on grain line of fab­ric when pos­si­ble. Do not cut fab­ric. Place or­na­ment over a piece of back­ing fab­ric (right sides to­gether) and pin lay­ers to­gether along edge of stitch­ing.

2. Sew around or­na­ment along drawn line, leav­ing bot­tom of or­na­ment open. Trim lay­ers to seam al­lowances of 1/4". Trim cor­ners to seam al­lowances of 1/8". Turn or­na­ment to right side.

3. Us­ing or­na­ment as a pat­tern, cut mount­ing board. Insert mount­ing board into or­na­ment and sew open­ing closed.

4. At­tach trim and hanger.

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