Christ­mas cour­tesy the Great Ka­hoona in the Sky

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Truly, the gift is in the giv­ing. That was so ev­i­dent last year when I ex­pe­ri­enced the best Christ­mas ever. Why? I ex­pe­ri­enced joy!

I have promised the Great Ka­hoona in the Sky that I’d tell no one who I am. That was part of the deal. I didn’t want my ego in­volved in any way, shape or form. And I only failed once, by telling a friend.

So I re­main anony­mous.

Right af­ter Thanks­giv­ing, I was on my way to a lo­cal gas sta­tion with cash in my wal­let from the bank. I wanted to buy a gas card for my hus­band. Most gas sta­tions won’t take credit while buy­ing a gift card, so I had the $80 from the bank in my wal­let. Turns out, this par­tic­u­lar one did take credit, so I bought the gas gift card and still had four twen­ties in my wal­let.

Some­how, I was in­spired as I said ear­lier, the Great Ka­hoona had a lot to do with this, to wait out­side a lo­cal dol­lar store and check out who was go­ing in and out.

I sat in my heated car for a short time be­fore I watched a mid­dle-aged lady al­most race into the store. Tar­get No. 1, she was. I waited and waited un­til I won­dered if she’d ever come out. Maybe she works there, I thought.

Even­tu­ally she did come out, walk­ing that same fast pace. I grabbed two twen­ties, got out of my car and ran quickly over to her. I stuck my hand out so she could see the money folded up in it, and I said, “Merry Christ­mas!” She looked at my hand and burst out into tears. I put my hand on her shoul­der, work­ing up a few tears my­self. I told her, “The money isn’t from me. It’s from God.” And she said some­thing I’ll never for­get, “I know it is.”

Tar­get No. 2 ar­rived a few min­utes later, leav­ing the dol­lar store with a brood of kids fol­low­ing her. She was a youngish blond woman and as they walked out to the park­ing lot, I grabbed an­other two twen­ties and ran over to her. “Here, you dropped this,” I said. hand­ing her the money. “No I didn’t,” she said ques­tion­ingly. “Well then,” I said, “Merry Christ­mas.” She looked up at me, and with the most beau­ti­ful smile I ever saw, said, “Thank you,” loud and clear.

I was hav­ing so much fun that I got an­other $50 from the bank and headed up the road to a diner. Tar­get No. 3 was a waitress. She was mid­dle-aged and had a limp.

I waited till af­ter my meal was

served, and af­ter a bus­boy had cleared the ta­ble, I slipped a fifty into her hand as she was re­turn­ing dirty dishes to the kitchen. She came al­most run­ning back, as fast as she could with a limp, and with a big smile on her face thanked me about 100 times. We both hugged. Boy, this is fun, I thought.

That was Christ­mas last year. I got three more fifties from the bank this year. I gave the first one away to an older lady get­ting into her car out­side a dol­lar store. She wasn’t smil­ing when I ap­proached her, but when she saw the money I pushed into her hand, she gave me the sweet­est smile. It looked like she hadn’t smiled in a long time. I told her it was from God, and it was.

So, this is Christ­mas in my book. The Great Ka­hoona as you can see had ev­ery­thing to do with it be­cause He knew it would bring much­needed joy into my life. And he some­how in­spired me to know what I had to do to have it.

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