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Like the Strongarm itself, its accompanyi­ng sheath provides versatilit­y no matter how and where you like to wear your blade-carrying companion. With traditiona­l drop-leg position, horizontal belt carry at the waist, and vertical MOLLE adaptation, no matter what you wear on a daily basis (or during emergency conditions) your Strongarm will only be a hand’s length away.

The belt loops are completely detachable, making fastening and removal quick and easy without needing to undo your belt. In addition, the snap-in enclosure keeps the knife from rattling when you are on the move, and the MOLLE integratio­n allow you to take the Strongarm knife on many types of “missions” due to its ability to attach to numerous types of vests, bags, and other compatible gear.

The material of the sheath is created from durable hard plastic with an equally tough strap attachment. Solid fasteners lock-in tight and snap back out with just the right amount of force.

Overall the sheath fits the Strongarm knife perfectly, both literally and in functional­ity.

 ??  ?? The Strongarm, tucked firmly within its versatile sheath.
The Strongarm, tucked firmly within its versatile sheath.
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