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ESEE stands behind its products, and it knows that folks who buy the company’s knives are going to use them, and even abuse them. The warranty is really simple: If you break it, ESEE will repair or replace it. Period. While I’m sure the crew shakes their heads at some of the stuff that comes back to them, it’s a no-questions-asked warranty, and they hold good to it no matter what you did. The warranty covers the knife itself for its lifetime, too, so it’s transferab­le if you sell or give a knife away. If you pick one up from someone else, you don’t need any sort of proof of purchase. They don’t cover normal wear and tear like worn or scratched coating (that just adds character!), dulled edges, or lost hardware, but if it breaks, they’ll fix it or replace it. Folks can, and do, manage to break anything if they try hard enough; it’s not a mark of an inferior product. How a company handles that issue though says a lot about the character of the company and ESEE’S character is beyond reproach.

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