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Dan told me that he has crawled around in debris looking for his knife, hoping to find the handle— before the blade. From his desire to reduce this nuisance for others, he developed what he calls Fire Fly, and it is definitely a game-changer. Fire Fly is a proprietar­y material that provides eight to 10 hours of glowing light after just 30 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight. The bright-colored resin makes it highly visible in dim or dark environmen­ts.

Dan said that having chunks suspended in the handle scales increases the surface area of the glow material, making the knife easier to find. Also, light passing through the translucen­t material gives a greater perceived glow. Fire Fly is very resistant to the elements, making it suitable for everyday-use items. Small pieces that have been drilled out are being tested as hammock attachment­s to help campers see the lines in the dark or as zipper pulls for a backpack or pouch. Dan mentioned that they would also make handy trail markers.

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