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That’s the gist of Bark River’s warranty.

Chip the blade? Send it in.

Dropped it on the garage floor tip first? Send it in.

Damaged in a house fire? Send it in.

Shoved the blade too far into the sheath and the point popped out the other side? Send it in.

When sending a knife in for work, do not send the box it arrived in. Instead, securely wrap the knife in packing material, paying special attention to the blade and tip so it will not pop out and hurt anyone. Box it up and pack it well so nothing can move around. Enclose a note indicating what you need done along with your name and return address. Rumor has it that including a little bit of chocolate can speed things along, too.

The mailing address is:

BRK Attn: Warranty Department 6911 County 426 M.5 Rd. Escanaba, MI 49829

Any questions on the warranty process should be directed to brkwarrant­

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