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Knives, folders especially, can collect a lot of nasty “stuff” through their daily use. These materials can include pocket lint, greasy liquids, dirt, sand, tree sap, and dozens of other materials out in the natural and manmade world. Because of these substances, your knife’s performanc­e can dwindle greatly to the point of not functionin­g when you need it in the field. The opening and closing function can stick, the various locks and releases can become inoperativ­e, and the blade itself can be damaged in some circumstan­ces. Knives that can be disassembl­ed, more often than not, require some basic tools to break the knife down into cleanable components. Trouble arises when those tools aren’t with you and gunk and goo overcome your knife’s ability to function—unless you have the Bona Fide with you. The Field Strip Gen II on the Bona Fide offers a tool-free, one-button takedown of the knife and just-as-fast reassembly. This specialize­d feature, designed by Ken Onion, makes cleaning the knife in the field an efficient process that allows you to get back to business hunting, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity.

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