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The Viking seax is a rugged, sharp-edged weapon that was commonly used in the Viking Age. According to the Icelandic sagas, this was a weapon that ranged from long knife to short sword. Seax is an Old English word for “knife” and in Old Norse the name Sax referred to a cutting tool. Often called “Viking knife,” “Viking hunting knife,” “Viking fighting knife,” and “Viking war knife,” the Viking seax was a one-handed, single-edged cutting weapon. It had no cross guard and was often simply made, with hilts of wood, bone, or horn and simple fittings. In peacetime, the Viking seax was as an everyday machete-like tool that was useful in the forest, wood working, farm work, hunting, skinning wild animals, and preparatio­n of food. In a time of conflict or war, the Viking seax was a rugged and deadly weapon that served well in combat and on the battlefiel­d. According to the Icelandic sagas, some Vikings even preferred the seax over a sword for fighting.

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