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2. Norden Knives Ascent


If you carry a fixed blade as part of your EDC gear and you’d like one that’s related to the Shield S15 mags or other Shield accessorie­s that you’re rocking on your carry gun, then you are absolutely in luck. Shield Arms just announced the launch of its sister company Norden Knives. Norden is making quality blades right here in the USA and the first model, the Ascent, is sized to be a great jack-of-all-trades blade. With its 3.6-inch drop point blade, it’s well suited for hunting or fishing, hiking, and backpackin­g (unless you’re a crazy ultralight person who saws the handles off your toothbrush­es to save weight), or for everyday carry. There’s nothing gimmicky about the Ascent. It looks like a well-thought-out, user-oriented blade, made from quality materials by folks in Montana, and offered at a very fair price.

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