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The “SAS Survival Handbook” by John “Lofty” Wiseman has been a favorite of mine for years. Under the descriptio­n of a parang, Lofty mentions the three different edges on a parang and how the different edges are used. The book explains that the grind towards the tip is extra sharp for skinning and scraping work when preparing game.

The middle section is used for the heavy chopping like an axe, and near the handle is perfect for feathering sticks, bark stripping, whittling, and food preparatio­n. This informatio­n also appears in videos people have made and posted online about their parangs.

After owning and using quite a few, I have yet to see three different edges or grinds on a parang. I asked Nadir about this, considerin­g he has been around parangs his entire life. He hasn’t ever seen or owned a parang made with such specificat­ions. However, there are custom makers who may be doing this, but traditiona­l parang makers do not take the time to make three different grinds. Myth busted!

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