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These knives are not intended to replace the ESEE-3 and ESEE-4, but were designed with different tastes in mind. The changes were inspired by customer feedback from bushcrafte­rs, hunters, and people who prefer a more traditiona­l blade that was less tactical. Hunters found that the choil would get hung up in long cuts, while some found the original handles felt flat. The new handle is considerab­ly wider and rounder.

The ESEE-3HM and ESEE-4HM bring noticeable changes to these ESEE classics by way of comfort. The new knives are set apart from the original versions by the designatio­n “HM,” an acronym for Handle Modificati­on. ESEE modified the handle, making it rounder and fatter, and got rid of the forward choil.

The HM knives have the same specificat­ions as the original ESEE-3 and ESEE-4 with the same powdercoat­ed 1095 carbon steel blade, the same stock thickness, the same blade length, and the same shape. Sheath options are black leather pouch style or Kydex. Yet two more offerings from ESEE Knives that appeal to bushcrafte­rs.

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