The Formido in Ac­tion

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Billed as a self-de­fense/edc blade, it was time to put the Formido through the paces de­serv­ing of its name.

It seems that in this is­sue “Pork­man” is a re­cur­ring theme; al­though com­pletely un­in­ten­tional and co­in­ci­den­tal, it is for good rea­son. When dis­cussing a self-de­fense or EDC knife, it is good to test it on all mat­ter that it may come across, this in­cludes or­ganic medium.

For my test­ing on Pork­man, I de­liv­ered a few quick for­ward and re­verse slashes, to see how it would do in a sud­den self-de­fense sce­nario. The edge on the Formido is a lit­tle more ro­bust in or­der to cover a gamut of vary­ing chores, so it was not as keen as

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