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Sim­ply put, steel is an all-around amaz­ing metal. It's a metal that is re­cy­cled more than any other in the world, with stain­less steel be­ing at the top of the list of the most re­cy­cled types of steel. It can help to elim­i­nate bad odors by bind­ing sul­fur com­pounds, and while it won't dis­in­fect, it will help lower the wa­ter bills. In ad­di­tion to as­sist­ing its odor-stop­ping prop­er­ties, steel char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally will ex­pand and con­tract in var­ied tem­per­a­tures. While the changes won't be no­tice­able in some­thing as small or sim­ple as a knife, they can be ob­served in many tall build­ings made pri­mar­ily from steel. Stain­less does of­fer higher re­sis­tance to this ther­mal change when com­pared to high car­bon, and is of­ten used in the aero­space in­dus­tries for its strength and re­sis­tance. In sim­i­lar ways, it's used ex­ten­sively in the tex­tiles in­dus­tries to make touch­screen gloves and static-free car­pets — by weav­ing stain­less thread into the fab­rics.

Steel … much more than just your kitchen sink!

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