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The Beautiful People.

Andy Warhol was obsessed with them.

Enter 2020. Social media stars ping our feeds with digital fame, traffic-stopping style and knockout beauty 24/7. Our cover boy, Harry Styles – Gucci-fied in haute-glam rock splendor – clocks 24.8 million Instagram followers, a fluid fashion swagger and (most exciting!) his second album: Fine Line. Styles will be everywhere this year. His “Love on Tour 2020” global concert takeover is almost 5 months long, jetting him from Berlin to New York to Mexico City. And despite all the mega-success, the pop idol stays grounded. “Celebrity is something I am still learning, experiment­ing,” he confesses. “I learn to sort out what I like, what I don’t like, what I’m willing to give in my songs and what I’m not inclined to share.”

More Beautiful People: the new decade is about reinventio­n. We cast 12 of the hottest It Girls today from mega star Hailee Steinfeld to cover beauty Ebonee Davis – by their astrologic­al signs – in the freshest, most eye-catching looks of the season. These girls are rapidly changing the worlds of music, film, food, art, social activism and more by writing their own stories. As Sagittariu­s Hailee Steinfeld declares: “There’s so much in owning who you are.”

The Beautiful People are a global tribe. We talk to actor Dean-charles Chapman in London, artist John Yuyi in Tokyo, filmmaker Olmo Schnabel in New York and superstar Yang Mi in China.

Beauty is about being yourself. “I never want to be too afraid,” Sofia “Chufy” Sanchez de Betak tells us in Paris. “I want to be exciting.”

Welcome to the Youthquake.

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