The death of Jakelín

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The mis­ery that marked the short life of the Gu­atemalan girl Jakelín Caal Maquín only mat­tered to her par­ents, es­pe­cially to the fa­ther who un­der­took with her daugh­ter the sad route to the North that al­most al­ways ends in tragedy.

The death of Jakelín after be­ing in the cus­tody of the Bor­der Pa­trol has gone around the world, and al­though many lament the death it is good to ask what will hap­pen be­yond the lamen­ta­tions.

Lamen­ta­tions don’t last long in the govern­ment of Don­ald J. Trump, who has turned the harsh and cruel stand on im­mi­gra­tion into his life­line to main­tain the sup­port of his loyal base. In fact, the death of this lit­tle girl would come to rep­re­sent a nat­u­ral con­se­quence of this anti-im­mi­grant pol­icy, whose rep­re­sen­ta­tives noth­ing seems to move, es­pe­cially when it comes to un­doc­u­mented peo­ple from coun­tries so de­spised by this ad­min­is­tra­tion.

For Trump and his hench­men there can be thou­sands like Jakelín meet­ing the same fate, but they, with a gri­mace of an­noy­ance, will al­ways con­sider this as “col­lat­eral dam­age.” They will blame the vic­tim all the time or, as in this case, the fa­ther for hav­ing brought her on such a hard jour­ney, hop­ing to cross into the United States, the still con­sid­ered “promised land” for the con­tem­po­rary mi­grant.

Lit­tle do they care the rea­sons that these fam­i­lies have to get into the lion's mouth in a last at­tempt to try to es­cape mis­ery. Trump and his peo­ple only care to ex­ploit this mis­ery for po­lit­i­cal pur­poses, call­ing these mi­grants “in­vaders” and “crim­i­nals.” In short, what has been pro­posed is to cut all ac­cess routes to mi­grants of color, even when legally seek­ing asy­lum.

And the sit­u­a­tion will get worse, be­cause the more Trump is be­sieged by all the in­ves­ti­ga­tions on his back, there will be no doubt that he will in­ten­sify his at­tacks and his anti-im­mi­grant pro­pos­als in or­der to main­tain the sup­port of the base, now that the in­vesti- gations could turn against him, run­ning the risk of im­peach­ment when the House passes into the hands of Democrats in Jan­uary. And his­tory teaches us that when fear preys on au­to­crats, they al­ways re­spond im­pul­sively with­out mea­sur­ing the con­se­quences.

On the other hand, the cor­rupt govern­ments of the na­tions from which these mi­grants come also do not care about the mis­ery, hunger, mal­nu­tri­tion and abuse in which mil­lions of their in­hab­i­tants have been plunged, par­tic­u­larly the indige­nous, with­out there be­ing a true in­ter­est in es­tab­lish­ing a com­pre­hen­sive pol­icy that stim­u­lates the de­vel­op­ment of these com­mu­ni­ties, des­tin­ing them to take the only op­tion they have at hand: em­i­grate. And when the trip to the North ends in tragedy, then the con­sular rep­re­sen­ta­tives or other fig­ures of those govern­ments are seen giv­ing con­do­lences or fi­nanc­ing the trans­fer of a body to their coun­try of ori­gin, when in life they did noth­ing for them. Their mouths are filled with of­fi­cial ex­pres­sions, taken from the man­ual of the per­fect diplo­mat or the hyp­o­crit­i­cal pub­lic of­fi­cial.

In the photo of Jakelín we see a sweet girl with a hint of sad­ness in her eyes, per­haps re­flect­ing the hard life that she had to live. And it is painful to think that she also had a ter­ri­ble death. This has proven that the de­hu­man­iza­tion of im­mi­grants is a fierce mis­sion of the cur­rent govern­ment, which its fol­low­ers jus­tify by launch­ing in­sult­ing anti-im­mi­grant di­a­tribes and based on which their im­mi­gra­tion au­thor­i­ties have turned neg­li­gence, abuse and cru­elty into some­thing “nor­mal.”

The worst of the case is that you do not know how many chil­dren like Jakelín will have per­ished in the cross­ing, and we will never know; or how many will run the same fate, pushed, on the one hand, by the cor­rupt govern­ments of their coun­tries of ori­gin, and on the other, re­jected on this side of the line by the cor­rupt who now oc­cu­pies the White House. (Amer­ica’s Voice)

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