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Checo Pérez is accused of falling into overcon dence after his victory in Saudi Arabia

David Coulthard, a former Red Bull driver, believes that the Mexican driver con ded after his victory in Jeddah.


Sergio Pérez is excited about the Formula 1 title with an RB19 that has become the best car on the grid. In the Crst two races, 'Checo' showed that he has to make things di3cult for Max Verstappen, however, in the Australian Grand Prix the Mexican distanced himself from the Dutchman on a weekend where he suffered with problems in his car. However, for David Coulthard,

the Mexican driver fell into overconcde­nce in Melbourne criticizin­g his qualifying session.

The balance in the braking system was one of the main problems that Sergio Pérez affected during the weekend in Australia. This situation was re.ected in the various oversights he had in practice 3, a history that was repeated in the qualifying session when he went long in the third corner and caused him to leave from the back in the race. For Coulthard there were more mistakes of the driver that failures in his car and from his point of view much of it is due to the fact that he fell in excess of concdence after winning in Jeddah.

"The free practice off the track, the qualiccati­on, accumulate­s on the Crst lap. I think he was too concdent, after his victory in Saudi Arabia. It turns out that he stopped 20 meters later in that Crst corner even than Max Verstappen, that is a rather optimistic thrust in Turn 3 that led him to the barrier," Coulthard said for Channel 4.

In the race, 'Checo' managed to recover and went back to Cfth place to score valuable points in the world championsh­ip of which he is currently in the second position, 15 points behind Verstappen.

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