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The Mexican spoke about the current affairs of the Rays and about the World Baseball Classic, which he fondly remembers after what was achieved by the Aztec ninth.

Mexican Isaac Paredes is having a good time with the Tampa Bay Rays, who at the start of the season achieved 13 consecutiv­e victories. In an interview with AS, Hermosillo's third baseman talked about how the beginning of the year is lived in the bowels of the organizati­on, and although they did not achieve the fourteenth victory in a row, they do not feel any pressure.

"First of all, greetings to the Mexican fans, and good happy to be able to be on this team. The offensive has been quite aggressive, the picheo doing his job. The truth is that we are enjoying the game, we have many Latinos here, the harmony is very good, both Americans and Latinos get along very well. The harmony that is lived inside the club is very good and I think we don't have any pressure to continue winning"

The World Classic marked a before and after for Mexico

About the World Baseball Classic, where Mexico took third place,paredes spoke about the importance that the sport generated and how it impacts the youngest so that they have the opportunit­y to shine in the future: "Yes, it was something very beautiful. In Mexico, soccer is lived a lot, I think that now baseball has taken on a little more importance, and well, I think we deserve it. It was a good taste in the mouth for all the children who play sports in Mexico, they are going to have a little more opportunit­y and we feel happy and proud to represent the country in that way"

"Of course, and now that we have the president who likes baseball a lot, who supports a lot, I think he left a lot of importance for the children, they will have the opportunit­y for profession­als from both Mexican leagues and Major Leagues to see them, I think that will help the children a lot," he added.

Preparatio­n before a game

Finally, Isaac Paredes closed the chat with AS talking about how he relaxes before a game, music is key in his day to day: "You are going to have fun, but you also need to clear your mind, I listen to my music, the band, the corridos, I really like reggaeton, and well I think that listening to that I relax a little and go out concentrat­ed.

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