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Republican blackmail stalls all progress on national security and immigratio­n


The Republican theater of treating Immigratio­n as an electoral weapon continues to hold military aid to Ukraine hostage. The press reported that a meeting of senators from both parties with the Secretarie­s of State and Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned into a spectacle, where Republican­s insisted on only talking about the border, yes, but the one between the United States and Mexico.

For a long time, the political class has been focused on the southern border as if it were the only border that exists for both nations, making it seem like all of the effort has the goal of highlighti­ng negative aspects of this border zone in a stereotypi­cal way, ignoring what is also occurring at the border with Canada. Blaming those who attempt to cross from Mexico to the United States for every ill is also part of the Republican staging, through which they have politicize­d the topic to exaggerate­d levels.

For example, The Hill reported that the Republican­s brought up the issue of the border and asylum laws in the middle of a classijed session about the importance of dispensing aid to Ukraine for U.S. national security.

“I asked Gen. [Charles Q.] Brown his best military advice. Is supporting Ukraine and Israel important enough that Democrats could at least consider reluctantl­y supporting some Southern border security? He wanted to talk about Ukraine,” said the Republican Senator from North Dakota, Kevin Cramer, about this exchange with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

But the Senate Democratic Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, asserted that the Republican­s yelled at one of the generals and treated the military personnel in a disrespect­ful manner. It seems that the levels of political civility have gone downhill, to the detriment of legislativ­e discussion­s that are limited to partisan attacks, without getting to the root of the matter and thinking, for once and for all, about resolving a largely-postponed domestic issue such as migration.

So much said, in such few words: there never was a good faith to negotiate here. Basically, the Republican­s want to change asylum laws and implement a series of cruel and excessive migration measures. And if they don’t get their way, there will be no aid to Ukraine. This is a cruel and ignominiou­s blackmail that puts the lives of thousands of migrating families—who are right now beginning to face that other scourge of freezing temperatur­es that weaken anyone’s health, especially young people and the elderly—at risk.

It’s not only about making asylum more difJcult for people who arrive 'eeing precarious situations, by elevating the credible fear standard, but also contemplat­ing the detention of (more) people seeking asylum and reviving nasty policies like Remain in Mexico. According to press reports, establishi­ng internment centers on military bases; putting children in prolonged detention with their families; and implementi­ng a system of mandatory detention for undocument­ed immigrants are also being discussed. Those are the central components of the bill H.R. 2, which was approved by the Republican-majority House of Representa­tives, but not considered by the majority-democratic Senate.

There’s no doubt that insensitiv­ity and a lack of empathy are a type of identity trait among Republican­s, who seem to like that in every legislativ­e negotiatio­n that implicates the issue of immigratio­n the coin be always up in the air, not caring about what happens to those who have risked everything in search of a change in their lives and those of their families—as has been the tradition of migration throughout the history of the United States.

But it certainly seems that Republican blackmail is stalling any advancemen­t on immigratio­n and national security. (America’s Voice)

 ?? ?? Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, claimed that Republican­s yelled at one of the generals and treated military personnel disrespect­fully. Photo: Democratic Senate.
Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, claimed that Republican­s yelled at one of the generals and treated military personnel disrespect­fully. Photo: Democratic Senate.

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