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- Author Laila Abuelhawa BENNY BLANCO

Selena Gomez has a new man in her life, and not everybody is happy about it. The “Love You Like A Love Song” singer, 31, conjrmed Thursday (December 7) that she is dating music producer Benny Blanco. Celebrity gossip page @popfaction­s created a post earlier in the week that read: “Selena Gomez Seemingly Conjrms That She Is in a Relationsh­ip.” The Only Murders in the Building star simply replied “Facts.” In a clip from her Max cooking show, Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays Jlmed months ago, she tells chef Alex Guarnasche­lli that she has a crush on someone and is “kind of really happy.”


Another slide showed Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefay, following Benny on Instagram. Benny, whose real name is Benjamin Joseph Levin, posted a note that his “gf” left on his pillow as a “warning.” With what looked to be a sleeping Selena in the background of his photo, it read: “I am so bloated. Please do not squeeze/hold onto my waist tonight or I’ll fart a hole through the sheets. Love you!” In the last slide, the gossip page posted Benny shading Selena back in 2020 while praising her ex, Justin Bieber. He said the “Sorry” singer isn’t “one of those cookie-cutter pop artists,” while others are like, “This is my new single and here’s my makeup line.” Selena is the owner and founder of Rare Beauty. He also produced music for Bieber.

Despite that, Selena took to a Selena fan page to declare: “He is my absolute everything in my heart.” In the comments section, the singer replied to the criticism of her new relationsh­ip. She calls Benny “the best thing that’s ever happened to me” and adds he’s “better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.” Selena clapped back at another hater with, “I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever. I’m done. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in [my] life at all.” She even posted a photo on her Instagram Stories wearing a diamond ring with the letter “B” on her ring Jnger.

While most of the back and forth has since been deleted, people were claiming Benny was a downgrade for Selena. She has been linked to Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Taylor Lautner, Orlando Bloom, Zedd, Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, and Nick Jonas. In terms of her previous relationsh­ips, Selena simply told one commenter, “I’m not going to be with a f—boy ever again.”

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