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Sign-speak, created by latina, translates sign language in real time


Payano traveled this week to Las Vegas, where the annual AWS convention is being held. This event is essential for technology developers, AI projects occupy the main topics.

Yamillet Payano, of Dominican descent, is one of the creative minds behind Sign-speak, a tool she has been developing since 2021. The applicatio­n translates sign language to voice and text, and vice versa.

This Latina entreprene­ur has brought to the table a tool for real inclusion for deaf or speech-disabled individual­s, through an applicatio­n based on Artijcial Intelligen­ce (AI) that facilitate­s smooth and barrier-free conversati­ons. The idea and motivation for Payano arose from observing the di-culties faced by her friend Nikolas Kelly, who is deaf from birth. Yamillet emphasized that the lack of interprete­rs in the United States and in different countries exacerbate­s this social problem.

At 27, the entreprene­ur created a solution with the potential to help hearing-impaired individual­s overcome obstacles in their daily lives.

The Survey of Income and Program Participat­ion (SIPP) from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that one in 20 Americans experience­s hearing loss or deafness.

This means that around 10 million people in the country have hearing problems, and about one million are considered ‘functional­ly deaf’, according to this bureau.

Payano is convinced that her applicatio­n will contribute to overcoming these barriers and empowering deaf individual­s and those with hearing disabiliti­es.

She highlighte­d that technology like hers allows these individual­s to achieve their goals without speech di-culties being an obstacle.

“We create technology like this so that they can do whatever they want and ful ll their goals in life, and speech di culties are no longer a problem for them to develop,” explained the entreprene­ur exclusivel­y to EFE.

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