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Independen­ts Eligible to Vote in 2024 Democratic Primary Elections


Oklahoma City – State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax announced today that he has been notiked by the Oklahoma Democratic Party that it will allow Independen­ts to vote in its primaries and runoff primaries during the 2024-2025 election years. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Republican Party notiked the Secretary that it will keep its primaries closed to Independen­t voters. The Libertaria­n Party did not formally send a notikcatio­n; therefore, by default, the Libertaria­n Party primaries will remain closed as designated by state law. More informatio­n about political parties is available on the State Election Board website.

Oklahoma is a closed primary state. However, every odd-numbered year between November 1 and November 30, all recognized political parties in Oklahoma must notify the Secretary of the State Election Board as to whether or not they will allow registered Independen­ts to vote in their party’s primaries and runoff primaries during the next two election years. If a party chooses to open its primaries, the deadline is extended to December 15 for the other recognized parties to respond or change their response.

The State Election Board reminds voters that whether voting in person or by absentee ballot, Independen­t voters must request to receive Democratic primary ballots. These cannot be automatica­lly issued. Voters who have already requested absentee ballots for the 2024 election year can update their absentee ballot request online using the OK Voter Portal at elections/ovp.html. The site has a “translate” link at the top of the page for Spanish and numerous other languages.

Voters who would like to change their party a-liation should do so before April 1, 2024. State law prohibits party a-liation changes April 1 through August 31 of even-numbered years. Party a-liation changes submitted during the closed period will be processed on September 1, 2024. Changes can be made online through the OK Voter Portal.

To learn more about Oklahoma elections visit the Oklahoma State Election Board website at tml.

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