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Elon Musk advocates regulation for ‘inevitable’ Arti cial Intelligen­ce

- By: EFE

Rome, Dec 16 (EFE).- Billionair­e entreprene­ur Elon Musk, the founer of Tesla and Spacex, said on Saturday that Arti cial Intelligen­ce is “inevitable” and called for its regulation with a metaphoric­al “referee” to ensure future advantages.

Speaking at the “Atreju” forum in Rome, organized by the far-right Brothers of Italy, Musk described Artikcial Intelligen­ce as a doubleedge­d sword, capable of virtually everything but lacking consciousn­ess.

“Artikcial Intelligen­ce is an element that must be paid attention to. It is like a double-edged blade. It will be able to do practicall­y everything but will lack consciousn­ess,” he said.

He emphasized the need for attention and regulation to navigate its potential risks.

Musk, who also owns the social network X (formerly Twitter), highlighte­d the positive aspects of Artikcial Intelligen­ce, envisionin­g a future where it fulklls all desired goods and services. However, he acknowledg­ed the risk of AI manipulati­ng public opinion.

Comparing AI to a fable’s genie in the lamp, Musk cautioned that, while people can ask for anything, they must be vigilant about their wishes.

“We will never again lack goods and services because Artikcial Intelligen­ce and robotics will be able to do everything you want,” he said.

The Atreju festival, named after the central character in the fantasy book and Klm “The Neverendin­g Story,” was initiated by Meloni in 1998.

The festival serves as a gathering to celebrate Italy’s conservati­ve youth and has its roots in Meloni’s leadership of the right-wing youth movement in Rome.

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