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Biden’s plan is great value


There is a debate in Washington, D.C., about President Joe Biden’s investment plan to build America back better. Conservati­ves argue that America can’t afford to spend that much money. The proposed $3.5 trillion invested over 10 years is $350 billion per year, or approximat­ely 1.6% of our annual gross domestic product.

Imagine if your family was facing challenges like those facing America today: Your roof leaks, your sewer system is failing, your heating and AC are broken, your garage is on fire, your basement is flooded, your aging mother needs long-term care, your daughter wants to go to college, your youngest child needs day care, and your wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you think 1.6% of your annual income would be enough to address those needs?

It has been said that conservati­ves “know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.” What is the value of safer roads and bridges? What is the value of better-educated citizens? What is the value of healthier citizens, clean drinking water and saving our planet from climate disasters? I would say the value is significan­tly greater than $350 billion per year.

We can afford to have billionair­es taking joyrides into space; or we can save our people and our planet.

Republican­s are clearly on the side of billionair­e joyrides into space.

Ron Mitchell, Henderson

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