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Men Feel More in Control as Demand Surges for New 1000% More Absorbable Prostate Formula

Top men’s health MD declares men are no longer stuck feeling frustrated over frequent bathroom runs. Supplies of Prostavive LS are running short as word spreads of the powerful new prostate pill’s “super plant sterol” formula.


M en with prostate problems are cheering the arrival of all-new natural support they say is giving them back control over their daily lives, freeing them from occasional urgency and weak streams.

Male patients report they now have support for peeing confidentl­y – a relaxed full stream with complete emptying – as if they were

back in their 20s or 30s.

…And enjoying their best sleep in years …

The new prostate pills making it all possible: Prosta-vive LS. It’s powered by an ingredient known far and wide for heart health benefits.

But the studies show it also makes the natural plant-based nutrients that support prostate health 1000% more absorbable.

Dr. Al Sears, the formula’s creator, says heart-healthy omega-3 fats are the key.

“It turns out omega-3 fats are good for your heart and

good for your prostate and urinary function … thanks to vastly better nutrient

absorption. That’s why I put heart-healthy omega-3s in

a prostate pill.”

Clinical trials confirm his strategy of using omega-3s to support men’s urinary

bladder health.

One study by endocrinol­ogists at Washington University in St. Louis showed long-chain fatty acids increase the body’s absorption of plant-based, prostate-supporting nutrients

by a stunning 1000%.

Men nationwide are hailing the new formula as a game-changing advance that’s liberating them from the occasional, urgent need to find a place to pee.

Your Prostate Is Hungry for Healthy Fat

Using omega-3s to exponentia­lly boost the effectiven­ess of prostate formulas isn’t the first time Dr. Sears has shaken up the medical status quo.

As a nationally renowned men’s health expert and the founder of the Sears Institute for Anti-aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. Sears has been featured on ABC, CNN, and ESPN.

Many of his more than 500 scientific articles, reports, and books focus on prostate issues that may affect virtually all men sooner or later.

Researcher­s have long known that Beta-sitosterol, a soothing compound that makes up plant cellular membranes, has an extraordin­ary ability to support

healthy prostate function.

But Beta-sitosterol­s are “hydro-phobic,” meaning they don’t mix with water. Your body needs help absorbing them so the calming plant compounds can reach the cells that need them.

That’s where Prosta-vive LS’S long-chain omega-3s come in. The omega-3 enhanced Beta-sitosterol in Prosta-vive LS completely overcomes the absorption issue.

Dr. Sears agreed to take us behind the scenes to meet patients at his clinic, to get a closer look at why Prosta-vive LS is now getting 5-star reviews nationwide.

Men Declaring Victory in Prostate Support

By the time they hit 80, nine out of 10 men may wake up late at night due to nature’s call.

Some of them will turn to prostate pills that rely on outdated saw palmetto. Others turn to prostate-calming Beta-sitosterol.

But according to the latest studies, just using one or the other is a mistake. That’s because saw palmetto and Beta-sitosterol work better together than either ingredient does alone.

One recent clinical trial gave men a combinatio­n of saw palmetto and Beta-sitosterol. Researcher­s reported “significan­t” improvemen­t across the board: Fewer of those occasional late-night wakeups, a stronger stream, less starting and stopping, and relief from the complete

emptying of the bladder.

That’s why Prosta-vive LS includes both saw palmetto and Beta-sitosterol working in tandem with omega-3s… ensuring the broad-spectrum prostate

support every man needs.

And it must be working, because men everywhere are giving it universall­y strong reviews.

Prosta-vive Winning 5-Star Reviews

Grateful men are writing and calling to thank Prosta-vive LS for supporting men’s health and

giving them a feeling of more control over their own lives.

One cheerful thank-you letter came from a patient named Jim R.

“I had immediate results,” Jim R. wrote in his thankyou note. “I slept through

the night without going to the bathroom.

“Last night was the most amazing of all,” he added. “I slept for 10 hours without going to the toilet.”

Another patient, Ari L., wrote, “I used to get up on occasion at about 4 times every night to go to the bathroom. Now I only get up once.”

Thanks to Prosta-vive LS, thousands of men feel more confident about their urinary health -- and they report they’re enjoying

their best sleep in years.

It’s no surprise then that the company that makes Prosta-vive LS had to restructur­e its customer service department just to handle the deluge of phone calls.

Nick Summers, a spokesman for Primal Force Inc., the firm in Royal Palm Beach, Florida that makes Prosta-vive LS, reports surging demand thanks to word-of-mouth and social-media.

“We knew Prosta-vive really works to support healthy, full urine flow,” Summers stated. “But no one could have predicted tens of thousands of men

would respond like this.”

Howtoget Prosta-vive LS

To secure a supply of Prosta-vive LS, men need to contact the Sears Health Hotline directly at 1-866659-8675 within the next 48 hours.

“It’s not available in drug stores yet,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline allows us to ship directly to the customer and we’re racing to keep

up with demand.”

Dr. Sears feels so strongly about Prosta-vive LS’S effectiven­ess that all orders are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. “Just send me back the bottle and any unused product within 90 days from purchase date, and I’ll send you all your money back,” he says.

Given the intense recent demand, the Hotline will only be open for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone number will have to be shut down to allow for


Call 1-866-659-8675 to secure your limited supply of Prosta-vive LS now. You don’t need a prescripti­on, and those who call in the first 24-hour window qualify for a significan­t discount. Use Promo Code NP921PV48 when you call in.

Lines are frequently busy, but all calls will be answered call.

 ??  ?? In clinical trials, men pee stronger and more fully empty their bladders; resulting in less bathroom trips and better sleep.
In clinical trials, men pee stronger and more fully empty their bladders; resulting in less bathroom trips and better sleep.

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