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What happened to teamwork?


I appreciate­d Brian Greenspun’s Feb. 12 column, “When America wins, all of us should cheer,” which opined that there was a time when people on both sides of the aisle in Congress came together for the good of the country and that, unfortunat­ely, the “new kind of Republican Party” belittled America’s greatness at the State of the Union address simply because that greatness was enhanced by legislatio­n passed by Democrats and President Joe Biden.

Unfortunat­ely, even though the Constituti­on envisions a bipartisan effort of “We the people,” individual­ism is today’s controllin­g mentality. New York University professor Scott Galloway, in his book “Post Corona,” recognized, “Individual­ism has become prized above all, resulting in a conflation of freedom with a lack of civic duty and a refusal to bear minor inconvenie­nces.” Sound familiar? Like members of the Republican Party who didn’t get COVID-19 vaccinatio­ns and refused to wear masks.

Members of the Party of No sat on their hands without acknowledg­ing the myriad federal legislatio­n passed during the Biden administra­tion to improve the lives of all Americans (i.e. production and exportatio­n of goods worldwide and infrastruc­ture). Galloway pointed out the importance of such legislatio­n by noting that, “The reason we need a strong federal government is to balance fast thinking and selfishnes­s with slow thinking and community.”

Individual­ism and special interests have no place in team sports, and it’s been said many times that there is no “I” in team. Public service will always be about serving the common and greater good.

Tom Harper,

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