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Poker hand features nearly $2M pot

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The most expensive poker hand ever live-streamed in the U.S. took place Sunday in Las Vegas.

Patrik Antonius, a renowned high-stakes pro, won a pot worth $1.978 million during Pokergo’s “No Gamble, No Future Cash of the Titans” cash game at Aria.

The previous record for the largest pot in U.S. poker livestream history was set by Alan Keating in December when he won $1.158 million on “Hustler Casino Live.”

Antonius was one of six players who bought into the “Cash of the Titans” game for $1 million, joining Eric Persson, Rob Yong, Andrew Robl, Markus Gonsalves and Matthew “MJ” Gonzales.

The game ran for three days, and the blinds were at $1,000/$2,000 with a $2,000 big-blind ante to start Day 3 on Sunday.

Antonius’ record-setting win came against Persson, who started the hand with queen-nine of hearts. The flop was 8-3-3 with two hearts and Antonius bet $40,000 holding ace-king of hearts.

Persson almost immediatel­y raised to $140,000, which was enough to chase Yong out of the hand. But Antonius reraised to $250,000 and Persson called.

After the ace of spades came on the turn, Antonius bet $150,000, and Persson pushed all of his remaining chips in the middle to create a seven-figure pot. Antonius called, and Persson was drawing dead with no way to win the hand going to the river.

Antonius gave back a large chunk of his winnings later in the show to Robl, who took down a $1.269 million pot. The action-filled game also saw Gonsalves scoop a $1.298 million pot when his pocket aces held up against Yong’s pocket queens.

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Patrik Antonius

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