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DIETS THAT WORK The Fearless 5-Day Plan

How Sarah Shahi Shaped Up Post-pregnancy:


Within months of having twins in 2015, actress Sarah Shahi ( Fairly Legal, Life, Person of Interest) got serious about slimming down and shaping up. Her husband, actor Steve Howey, with whom she also has an 8-year- old son, was getting amazing results with La-based celebrity trainer Phil Catudal. So Sarah, 36, who is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleade­r, signed on. Under Phil’s direction, she went on a high-protein, medium-carb and medium-fat diet and began a weight and cardio training regimen. Within 10 weeks, she lost 12 pounds and gained a tighter, more toned look.


“Sarah has an ectomorph body type — she’s naturally lean, so she was trying to gain muscle,” explains Catudal ( Trainedbyp­ “Biological­ly, her body could handle a bit more carbs than other body types can, so we went with a plan that was 50 percent protein, 25 percent carbs, 25 percent fat and 1,800 calories. She was really good about maximizing her plan five days a week and having fun two days a week — so she could enjoy cocktails and ice cream on weekends.” Sarah brought the same discipline to her workouts. “She did weight-training three times a week for an hour,” Catudal says. Plus, she did cardio workouts — such as cardio-kickboxing, walk-to-sprint treadmill intervals or highintens­ity interval training (HIIT) classes — two to three times a week. The combinatio­n helped her burn fat and build lean muscle. “From day one, she said, ‘I want to be strong; I want to be a badass’ — she knew how she wanted to look,” Catudal says. “She’s fearless — whatever she’s doing, she crushes it.” As Sarah gets ready to star in the new NBC show Reverie, she looks sexier and more stunning than ever!

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