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Megyn Kelly is ruffling feathers as she preps to take over the third hour of Today


On top of her $18 million salary, Megyn Kelly submits a long list of requests before taking over the third hour of Today.

The wait is almost over. After making a bevy of guest appearance­s, Megyn Kelly is finally taking over the third hour of Today on Sept. 25. Rehearsals in front of a live studio audience start even earlier, on Sept. 12. “My vision,” Megyn muses, “is that at the end of the hour people will think, ‘ Wow. I feel great. That was good for me.’”

Megyn wants what’s best for her, as well. So although she’s already earning a reported $18 million a year, the Fox News-turned-nbc darling, 46, is demanding extra perks from her new network, Life & Style has learned. “Megyn was treated like a queen at Fox, where money was never an issue because the network was No. 1 in cable news and had a huge revenue stream from advertisem­ents,” explains a network source. “But NBC is much different, and with Today still getting beat in the ratings by Good Morning America, there is just no justificat­ion for all of the money being thrown at Megyn. Her requests seem over-the-top.”


But what Megyn wants, Megyn gets — like putting her personal glam squad on the payroll. “No one else in the NBC News division has their own makeup person,” says the network source. “She insisted, though.”

NBC also ponied up for the producers Megyn asked for, including some from her Fox days. “From makeup and hair to the producers and her assistants,” says an NBC insider, “the staff she’s requested is costing the network over half a million dollars.” Plus, the star’s new Megyn Kelly Today studio set NBC back “at least $1 million,” adds the network source. “She has a dressing room there, as well as a separate one on the original Today set. It’s for less than 10 minutes of airtime during the show’s first two hours.”


Lackluster ratings for her summer series, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, make the demands seem even more lavish. The weekly program regularly came in third place behind reruns of 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos and saw viewership fall from 6.1M its first week to 3.52M at the end of its eight-episode run, although it did start to show

an uptick. Megyn remains unfazed by the low ratings. “She feels she’s attracting a new audience that hasn’t been watching NBC in the mornings,” says the NBC insider, “and that she’s a trailblaze­r.”

It’s all causing tension among the staff. “People are upset,” notes the NBC insider. “Megyn is profession­al, but she’s not exactly ‘one of the gang.’” Still, Megyn is convinced she can deliver. “The pressure is on her to come out of the gate with big numbers,” says the network source. “Megyn knows some people at NBC want to see her fail.”

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 ??  ?? “When Megyn hired her own makeup person, the NBC makeup artists thought she was saying she was too good for them,” says a network source.
“When Megyn hired her own makeup person, the NBC makeup artists thought she was saying she was too good for them,” says a network source.
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