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Packing Heat

The one-time fashion faux pas gets a high-end spin in Hollywood. We tell you why this, why now

- The Designer Says

Stars like Kendall Jenner revive the fanny pack!

“Everything in fashion is cyclical, so once we started seeing stars in stirrup pants and mom jeans, it was only a matter of time before the fashionist­as adopted another ’90s throwback,” says Anne Harper, founder of OMG! Accessorie­s, which includes fanny packs in their roster. Plus, with every trend rebirth comes modificati­ons that transform it from “has been” to #hawt. “By remaking the previously ‘dorky’ item and calling it a ‘ belt bag’ instead of a fanny pack, high-end designers give the onetime tourist staple a chic upgrade, boosting the piece’s acceptance among celebritie­s,” notes Harper. But even with the addition of pricey logos, for designers and wearers alike, its function remains the same. “It’s perfect for carrying a phone, wallet, credit cards and makeup — hands-free!”

The Celebrity Stylist Says

“Stars know that wearing a nostalgic item is a great way to make a bold style statement,” says stylist Dawn Del Russo, who has dressed Lucy Hale and Rachel Bilson. “Today’s pack mixes that athleisure vibe with designer flair for a fresh feel.” She adds that nixing the old-school, over-thebelly-button placement and wearing it diagonally, like Bella’s Alexander Wang, or sitting on the hip, like Kim’s Gucci, makes the bulky style more figure-flattering.

The Psychologi­st Says

“By replacing their luxe totes with ones that are associated with ‘regular folk,’ celebs get to feel like they are just like us,” says Ariane Machin, PH.D., a clinical psychologi­st based in Raleigh, N.C. “But the higher price tag ensures they don’t sacrifice their more ‘posh’ stature.” And, she adds, how it’s worn speaks volumes. High and tight ( like Adwoa’s Prada) says, “I’m guarded” while low-slung and loose ( like Rita’s Chanel) says, “I’m an open book.”

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