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Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott opens up about his first marriage for the first time in It Takes Two: Our Story. Using frank, emotional language in the new memoir co-written by his twin, Drew, Jonathan describes a relationsh­ip that quickly became dysfunctio­nal and doomed. The HGTV star writes about struggling with the extravagan­t spending and selfish behavior of his wife. And while he says that they did try counseling, Jonathan, 39, claims that she broke his heart by giving up on the sessions. “The pain ended up outlasting the marriage,” he writes. “It shook me to the core.”

His wife has never been identified — until now. Court papers obtained exclusivel­y by Life & Style reveal her name is Kelsy Ully, and detail her version of their marriage’s breakdown. She claims Jonathan

kicked her out of the Las Vegas home they shared and badgered her into signing a separation contract. “Subsequent to entering into the Contract I discovered that the matrimonia­l home I resided in with the Plaintiff... sold and the equity was approximat­ely $191,316.00, more than specified in the Contract,” she wrote in court papers. That contract, she notes, was drafted by Jonathan’s mother, a legal assistant. Kelsy, 33, says in the documents that in November 2009, Jonathan “told me that he didn’t want me living in our home in Las Vegas anymore and that I need to leave.”


Kelsy also alleges in legal papers that as the divorce dragged on, Jonathan “showed up at my house and was threatenin­g that I would never win, and I would remain in bankrupt- cy for the rest of my life.” He also, she claims in legal papers, kept showing up at her home and work, calling her, her family and her friends about getting divorce documents signed.

But Jonathan tells a different story. “The marriage was in ruins before our second anniversar­y,” he writes in his book. The two Canada natives had moved to Las Vegas so he could pursue a career as an illusionis­t. “My wife… was offered a job as a poolside waitressmo­del at the ‘day club’ of one of the big hotels, where the booze flows like water and the tips are high. And things started to go downhill from there.…my wife was out every night, coming home later and later.” And then he writes about their first fight — and it was a doozy! “[It] happened the day I discovered my wife had scrubbed me from her Facebook page, changing her relationsh­ip

status from Married to blank.” Ouch!

Kelsy says she supported Jonathan in their early days in Las Vegas and that’s why she felt she was entitled to more money. Their divorce dragged on until 2013. The one thing Jonathan — who’s now in a serious relationsh­ip with Jacinta Kuznetsov, 28, a developmen­t producer at his company — and Kelsy agree on: It was one of the worst experience­s of their lives.

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