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how she GOT THAT BODY!

Vander pump rules star scheana shay tells life & Style it takes more than just working out for her to stays sleek



“I’m on a meal plan called carb cycling,” shares Scheana, who began working with trainernut­ritionist Seth Browning four years ago. “When we first started, I was doing three days of no carbs, one day of healthy carbs — and that helped kick my body into shape.” In fact, the reality star lost 15 pounds right off the bat by continuall­y rotating between carbs and no carbs throughout the week. Now she’s stuck with the plan. A goto dinner on her high-protein diet? “Salmon,” she says, “with a lot of grilled vegetables.”


The 33-year-old Vanderpump

Rules pot stirrer loves working with weights and says she ideally trains four to five days a week. “We do total body as much as we can to keep her looking proportion­ate,” adds Seth, whose fitness e-book,

Scheana’s Slimdown, details her exercise and diet plan. “Sometimes, we’ll do just a leg day, a booty day or we just want to work on core — it really depends. But what got her to the point where she is now is a lot of total body workouts, and we do maintenanc­e to keep her sculpted.”


Scheana cheats on her diet every once in aw hi le(“i love Mexican food!” confesses the brunette beauty ), butsh makes sure to fill up with water to keep other cravings at bay .“id rink a lot of water admits Scheana. “That is one thing that I do every meal.” As far as her exercise program goes, Scheana says she finds that “working out with a friend” is fun and helps the sessions go faster. Though these days, she notes, “my workout friend is Seth!”

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